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Hello! I’m Jessica and I’m so glad that you are here. You can call me Jess or Jessica. I’m good with either. But please don’t call me Jessie. It reminds me of a boy in elementary school and not Jessie from Saved by the Bell. Not that there’s anything wrong with him, it’s just that he’s a boy. Ha.

As you roam around the pages, you’ll find that I love getting to meet new people and explore new places. Nothing makes me more excited than connecting with others. I believe that is a huge reason why we are here. Community is a very important aspect to life. Which is one reason I turned my love of photography and shooting random things into a couples and wedding photographer.

I’m ready to go explore a new mountainside with you! Let’s take a hike somewhere new or go find a field or meadow to run around in. I’m game for adventuring together. Being in the outdoors is what I love, so let’s do it together. I also love to travel which goes along with what I said above. Experiencing new cultures and places opens up a perspective to life that I hadn’t thought about before. It helps me grow and to connect with the those in the world.

Let’s go explore someplace new together! To get to know me a little more, check out my get to know me page. I can’t wait to meet you and frolic around in the outdoors.

Let's Go Run Around Together

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out every page on my website! The images and words on here are for you to get a better idea of who I am and my photography style. I want you to connect with me, so that we can make some magic! During our session, I want you to feel like you are on a date and that you had the time of your life! Take a look at the reviews and my get to know me page. If you still aren’t convinced, check me out on Instagram to get an insider’s look into what my life looks like.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered on any of my pages, be sure to reach out! Let’s go make something epic!



Our experience with Jess was nothing short of redemptive. We had so much fun laughing and just being us with Jess. She never expected me to react in a way that was foreign to me, or made me feel guilty for the way I did or didn’t look. When we got the pictures back from her, it was so nice to look at how she captured us and remember the fun we had that day, rather than having images attached to a less than fun memory. I really can’t say enough how much we appreciate and treasure the images Jess captured for us! We will hang them on our wall and enjoy the memories for years to come!